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bali birds nest swing ubud tour package 2019
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bali birds nest swing ubud tour package 2019

Couple swing is a famous romantic swing in Indonesia, especially in Bali. Same as other swing, couple swing is one swing with medium speed and above the height of approximately 20 km from the ground.

Couple, which means to pair up, the meaning is not only for you who have a partner, but you who don't have a partner can also play this swing with friends or relatives, as long as both of you.

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Romance game
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Couple swing also presents a pretty elegant view, and certainly suitable for those of you who want to recreation and activity also to get cool photos, swing is one of the choices.

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Couple swing lately enjoyed by many adults, as well as families who want to try swing with their sons and daughters. for those of you who don't dare to try swing, but want to feel the sensation of tension and excitement, may try this swing too, because it will be fun when done together, and the price is relatively cheaper.

Usually the first thing to do for doing the swing is to put a safety belt, at this step you will feel doubt and extraordinary tension, it feels like to cancel playing the game. but after that you are asked to ride the swing with your partner, which of course is helped by the staff. The thing you feel on the first swing is very tense, but on the next swing you will feel a pleasant, free, and unforgettable sensation.


so for those of you who have never tried it and intend to try, we offer a presentation of what is done and felt when playing swing, as we attach above.

The young bride and groom couple also make a couple of swing to spot their photos at a pre-wedding event. Because of the beautiful view and the unique concept of romance, it creates a very very interesting impression for the bride and groom, not only that the couple swing is also a great place for those who go on a vacation for their honeymoon.

06 OneThreeOneFour Bali Pre wedding Photos
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Romantic pict

Couple swing offers so many benefits for foreign and local tourists, many who deliberately come to swing this couple. the price offered for this swing couole is quite affordable, which is around IDR. 200,000 - 500,000 or $15USD - $36 USD for 2 pax, depending on the scenery, height, and place of the swing. what are you waiting for, let's feel the thrill and also feel the excitement with the people you love!

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