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bali birds nest swing ubud tour 2019
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bali birds nest swing ubud tour 2019

Ubud, The one of the famous tourist destinations. Which has many tourist attractions.

Ubud Palace

Now in Ubud there are new activities that you have to do to get a lot of experience.Such us the swing. swing is what  usually done above height to get cool photos and test adrenaline, of course.

 Super Extrem Swing

swing has a variety of interesting views, such as rice fields, lakes, and wild nature. In the current circle, the swing that attracts the most attention of foreign and foreign tourists is the swing with a terraced rice field view.

River swing

And beside of the swing you also can take lot of pictures in the nest and many spots photos.

IMG 20191103 WA0003 01 1
Glass floor w/ rice field view
IMG 20191103 WA0005 01
Pekakbrayut view

Swing not only can be done alone but there is also a swing that can be done with your partner or maybe friends and family too. Cool!

Romantic swinging

Let's try to feel the sensation of flying with a captivating view and also a fun new experience!

*Let's join with us*

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