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bali bird nest swing tour package price 2019
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bali bird nest swing tour package price 2019

Super extreme swing

Super extrem is one type of swing in bali. Super extreme swing is different from another swings, because super extreme swing is the fastest swing and the highest among other swings. super extreme swing presents a full view from a height, because super extrem swing is approximately 28 km from the bottom of the ground. with beautiful views around it.

bali swing 1
Swing rice terrace

Super extreme swing it self is quite a tense activity because we will be encouraged as fast as possible by a handyman who swings us. For those of you who like looking for cool photo spots, Super Extreme is the best choice, because all the scenes are clearly visible when you ride this swing. it is also suitable for testing adrenaline. But, you must be asking whether the swing is safe? Of course! super extreme swing is available with a seat belt that is definitely comfortable for you. so you don't need to worry if you fall from a height.

Super extreme
With safety belt

Super extreme swing can be done by teenagers and adults. For children the minimum age is 7 years old with a body weight of 35 kg for an adult or a maximum of 70 years old parents who certainly must be in a healthy condition with a body weight of 200kg.

Prices for super extreme swing also vary, ranging from around 200,000 - 500,000 per swing or $15 USD - $36 USD with a maximum of about 15-20 times the swing.

IMG20181013132015 01
Full view

Wow what are you waiting for, let's get an interesting photo with extraordinary excitement by trying a super extreme extreme swing!

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